The growth in this area for the last few years has been unreal. Apart from housing and bedding,(Exo Terra range is excellent), we keep all necessary equipment in stock.

Some of our popular lines are:

Heat mats                  Substrate (many types)
Bulbs                           Vitamins
Decoration                  Caves/hides

We have a specialised reptile unit in store for our livestock. (see photo)
A weekly delivery of fresh live food arrives in store every Tuesday afternoon (crickets, locust, mealworm, waxworm etc) Frozen food is also available (four sizes of mice and weaner & adult rats).

The most popular reptiles are Bearded Dragons, Gecko’s and Spiders.We also keep Tortoises, water turtles, Toads, Chameleons and frogs. .(e-mail us for our set-up guides and cost sheets)

Exo-Terra  Desert & Rainforest Kits
These are an excellent specialized product and are suitable for bearded dragons, geckos, chameleons etc
They include all the required equipment to successfully keep your chosen reptile (bulb not supplied).
Visit for desert kit.
Or for rainforest kit.

We can advise you on all aspects of reptile keeping including correct housing and feeding. It is important that you research the needs of a reptile before purchasing. Many things need to be taken into account including adult size (very important for snakes!), diet and enclosure size.

Please keep an eye on our Special Offer page for regular promotions on reptiles & set-up packages.


Exo Terra 60cm


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